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Friday, December 23, 2011

little december update

Exciting things have been happening lately! Sadly, that means little to no internet presence but sometimes that's a good thing I think. Like I said before, I had my first subbing experience on Monday with third grade which was great even though I was completely terrified. That day I was asked to come back Tuesday for first grade which was.. ahem.. interesting. I've come to realize that first graders are really kindergartners that you are trying to put in a uniform and a desk and sometimes that doesn't go so well.. add to that the fact that it was two days before their Christmas break and you get a whole new world of bouncing off the walls. They were really generally well behaved for having a sub and it being the week before Christmas, but I will say that I had two boys in tears before recess. -_-

I also came in on Thursday (yesterday) and had 4th grade. They were great even though they were definitely hyped about it being the last day before break. Overall it's been a great experience for me personally, and also in the sense of putting it on my resume. It was also some good spending money for the holidays! And I finally got my practicum assignment today which is actually 1st grade. It'll be good to see them during the regular school year and see how an experienced teacher handles it.

I'm actually pretty excited about tonight too. Charlie and I have been keeping up with some traditions these past few years where we go to his parents' house on Christmas Eve and open gifts there. His family has been doing gifts on Christmas Eve probably since Charlie stopped believing in Mr. C. since he is the youngest. My family is still strictly Christmas morning gift-giving because, hello, Santa comes overnight. ;) So with his family on the 24th and mine the 25th, we decided to do our gifts to each other tonight so we can sort of be alone and start our own traditions. I can't wait!

We've also been seriously behind on cookie making this year. I was planning on baking all week but then I ended up subbing three days and was exhausted when I came home. So we've been slowly but surely getting them done. Last night I cut out sugar cookies and and my mom mixed chocolate chip cookie dough while we drank wine and listened to Christmas music. It was quite lovely actually. :) We got mani/pedis together after school yesterday which was wonderful after being on my feet all day. I wanted something crazy fun so I got Twinkle Lights by China Glaze. I couldn't be more excited by how festive they turned out! :)

Are you all ready for the holidays? What have you been doing to get it all together? :)

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