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Friday, January 20, 2012

february call for sponsors

I do apologize for the silence around here lately. I've essentially started a new job where I'm on call and never know when I'll be home anymore so a lot of my plans got tossed to the wayside. But I'm adjusting, and a few lovely ladies answered my plea for help on Twitter by telling me about how they plan for the unexpected and the magic of scheduling posts.

So February is a new month and I have a lot of fun posts planned and a blog schedule that allows me to have posts ready for when I have to run on a moment's notice! I think I'm getting this working lady thing down, which is good because come Fall, I'll be a five-days-a-week gal while I do my student teaching.

Anyway! This leads me to my February call for sponsors! I already have some new great ladies lined up along with some familiar faces and I'd love to add more! Check out the sponsor page for all the details of swapping or purchasing an ad space. It's a good month to advertise your V Day projects, shop items, recipes, and more!

Oh, and if you like the vintage valentine above, click here for the original post and the pdf downloads of some old valentines my Grandmom let me have! Just print on some cardstock and cut! I might try to update them soon because I created better images of the photos since then. :)

Have a great weekend!
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