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Sunday, January 1, 2012

new design for a new year

Here it is! The official unveiling of the new blog design I've been working on, tweaking, and obsessing over since my idea for it back in the beginning of December. It all started with a sketch of how I wanted my new banner to look and from there it just snowballed into what you see before you. I'll share my design process in a post later this week for those of you who may be considering a new look but aren't sure where to start. Starting has always been the most challenging part for me. It can be really tough to get what's in your head onto paper, and then from paper onto the screen, and from the screen to a working, functioning website. Whew!

Anyway, first let me note that with my new design I have sized my photos down a bit. For the past two months or so I had been making them significantly larger than before so now those two months worth of posts have photos that hang over into the sidebar. I am working on this but it is tedious so it's gonna take a hot minute. Just wanted to put that out there for anyone who goes back and sees that. :)

Now I'd like to bring your attention to a few new things. I have a brand new about me page up top if you'd like to see it, along with my newest endeavor, my sponsor info. And if you look to your right, you will see my very first, beautiful sponsors. I'll introduce them all later but you should definitely give them a visit when you have time!

If you're brand new here, I have a place for you to learn a little about the blog under my bio on the sidebar there. To make finding specific things easier, I made four different categories for you to scan through. They are the little sketches in the sidebar with the words recipes, crafts, fashion, and reads.

And before I forget, happy new year everyone! Please take a look around and let me know if anything looks out of place or wonky so I can make sure the new design runs smoothly! Thanks!

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  1. just found your blog via sillygrrl! I love your blog header! It's so cute!!

  2. I love the design. I especially love the color palette. Very nice work :)

  3. very cute!i like that you still have a some type of banner on your header.

  4. JESS!!! This is so gorgeous. :D I love, love, love everything you did. Smashing work and Happy New Year!!!

  5. Oh wow! It's looking so awesome here! I LOVE the category tabs! :) xxx mervi


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