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Saturday, January 7, 2012

winter terrarium

A new terrarium for a new season. I actually meant to get this post up in the middle of the week but I subbed 5th grade Wednesday through Friday and damn did that wear me out. It took all I could do to not pass out as soon as I got home from school. They were actually really good kids and I'm kind of sad to give them back to their real teacher but it took a lot of energy to make sure they stayed good kids. -_-

Anyway, here is my terrarium for winter and what I used to put it together.

I used my blue ball jar that I got at Kutztown back in the summer because I thought the blue glass would add to the wintery feel. I also used pebbles for the sort of terrain beneath the snow and then the white sand of course acted as the snow itself. I also had a little tube of animals sitting in the craft stash from the first time I bought terrarium making supplies. I knew they'd come in handy! ;) Finally, I tore a few white twigs out of a Christmas centerpiece to act as my woodsy backdrop. 

Once you've got your snowy terrain, start adding some wilderness!

Charlie really liked the wolf so I gave the wintery space to him. :)

I have an idea for another sort of winter terrarium but I have no clue if it will work yet. If it does, you'll see it up here this week! If not, I'll probably have a big gluey mess to deal with. ;)

Are you doing any post-Christmas winter crafts? It's good fun for hibernation season! :)

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  1. JESS JESS JESS - THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! !!! !!! Haha. I love anything that is a terrarium. But take that interest, mixed with your creativity and WOW. LOVE IT!

  2. Cuuuute! i think this is such an adorable hobby :) xo

  3. Jess, this is so officially rocking my socks!!!!!!! i love everything in this post. the story about your week of subbing those 5th graders (props for keeping your strength up with them, heck of a handful!), the graphic design elements you used to showcase this amazing craft and the actual mason jar magnificence itself!!!!!! i could go on and on, but let's just say this: I DIG THE HELL OUT OF IT! keep going, i'd love to see the new idea sometime too. this one's all aces. ♥

  4. Wow, this turned out soooo pretty!

  5. omg haha this is so cute! i'm always sure i'll kill the plants in terrariums, so this is perfect for me.

    Sarah //

  6. Love this! Terrariums seem to be popping up everywhere, but you have taken the step to really make your stand out! I am now officially on the hunt for mason jars and winter time creatures!


  7. This looks amazing! Wish I could find jars that pretty!

  8. this is awesome :) had to share it


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