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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a year in review

I finally decided to do this after seeing it on many other blogs. I originally wasn't going to because I didn't feel like anything particularly earth shattering happened in 2011, but then I realized it was actually a great year for me. I have tons of good memories and actually did a lot of important things for myself last year. There are some years, well one really, that when I hear it I actually shudder because of how awful it was. So why not give props to a good year where they're due? That said, if you're not totally sick of these yet, here is my year in review. :)

In January I rang in the new year with close friends at a beautiful house in the mountains. We popped champagne and I brought along champagne cupcakes! I started grad school so that I could do a little 360 on the career path. It's been amazing so far and I am really happy with the decision. I also had the opportunity to read a book written by my great uncle, recounting his time as a POW in Korea.

In February we celebrated our fifth Valentine's Day and I made granny squares for the first time! Piles and piles of em. :)

In March we went to the Union home opener where, as you can see above, it was freezing, and we went for a walk on a gorgeous day and pretend house hunted in our favorite town. On a less happy note, we said goodbye to a beloved friend, Charlie's childhood dog that I had come to know and love, since I had never had a dog myself. 

In April I screen printed home studio style for the first time and made shirts for Charlie's work, and my family took a mini trip to the beach for Easter.

In May I went to Miami with Charlie's family for a mini vacation and made tons of food for our Memorial Day BBQ. I also passed my Praxis test!

In June I started my super intensive summer semester and consequently fell off the face of the earth for a while. But I did pop back to take my hair from dark brown to ginger red and attend a decade party for a few family members' milestone birthdays, dressed as a reject from Pretty in Pink.

In July I battled made cake pops for the first time for a 4th of July BBQ, went to Kutztown where I scored a blue Ball jar, a vintage movie camera for Charlie, and a honeycomb because why not? Also, Charlie and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. :)

In August I figured out how to make delicious iced coffee at home with my french press, and had a relaxing time at the beach before school started up again.

In September I took part in the Twitter Tea Party for which I made the above scones. It was good fun! I made angel food cake for the first time which is my one true weakness when it comes to baked goods, and did my first commissioned paintings of the famed Dublin Doors for a friend.

In October I celebrated my one year blogiversary with my first ever giveaway. We went on a little getaway to the mountains with people from Charlie's work where we had a very successful trip to a giant antique store. I scored some amazing Pyrex dishes to add to my collection. We also went apple picking which I was super excited about, and finished up the month with a trip to Gainesville for The Fest.

In November I celebrated my 24th birthday (eek!) and finally got a food processor which I was way too excited about. :) I had an awesome Thanksgiving with family and took a day trip to LBI with my dad and brother, so my brother could do a workout/physical test with other guys he would be seeing later on in boot camp.

In December my brother left for boot camp which was pretty tough right before Christmas. To try to keep things normal, I made tons off cookies, worked hard on my blog redesign, and started subbing for the first time. I had a great Christmas with family and ended the year with a trip to Atlantic City and a party with friends to ring in the new year.

What do you remember most about 2011? If you did a post like this leave a link so I can check it out!

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  1. Ooh, we've only just stumbled upon your pretty pretty blog, looks like we've missed a charming year! Going to go have a little catch up :)

    R&L xx

  2. Hey Jess! Popping in from Sarah's (sillygrrl) blog! I had a quick peek around, you have a great blog! Love the mustard flats you made! I need to crochet myself some little slippers this winter. :]

  3. so late with my wishes but still sending you many for a marvelous and awesome New Year!!!! hope 2012 really rocks on for ya Jess! if the swell recaps from last year are any indication, i'd say you got the rhythm down for many more smack dabs on the right spots.

    i'm sorry your brother is gone away right now, that happened to me with a boyfriend before and it's so tough when it has to do with the military. not like you can just pick up the phone and call any ol' time, many blessings to you through this separation. cookie baking is certainly my therapy of choice too! kudos again on the simplistic but effective colored tabs to note each month, i'm so inspired when i visit here. and lades, i LOVE your blog design, it's out of this world. congrats, that's a lot of hard work but it sure paid off. wow eyes in full effect! xo ♥


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