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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

proud sister

The first three photos are from our way from the airport to the hotel on Thursday. I tried to snap some quick skyline photos from the car on this beautiful blue sky day. The fourth photo is what it looked like from our hotel about two hours after the graduation on Friday. Crazy! I mean, I've been crying about wanting snow since December but this made me a little weary that we wouldn't be able to pick up/drop off my brother at the base throughout the weekend, or that we'd get stuck at the airport. Thankfully, the weather cleared up, the weekend went by flawlessly with lots of brother time, and we got home completely on schedule.

So now that we're back it can totally snow whenever it wants. ;)

Here are a few photos from the graduation..

The first two photos are of my brother's division. It was strange seeing him all dressed up and disciplined. So weird. He's doing really well and I'm super proud of him. :)

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all have lovely plans with friends or loved ones!

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  1. That's awesome you got to be there to watch your brother graduate! I've never been to Chicago but it's high on my list...

  2. what a proud day indeed!!! i can only imagine what he went through during boot camp but happy he'll be off to sunny Cali for the rest of his training, nice. congrats to him, looks like it was a grand weekend catch up! ♥


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