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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

welcome february

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This made me LOL literally so I had to share it. :)

It has certainly been one of those weeks, but in a humorous way - much like this sentiment.

I'd like to take a second to direct your attention to the right and check out this month's sponsors! Each and every one of their blogs is amazing so definitely pop over there if you get a chance. :)

I've been setting some mini goals each month and I'd like to keep up with that tradition so here goes..
1. Start exercising for serious.. my flexibility sucks these days. Which is why I might try out the sweet stretches from aerial ninja Sarah of Silly Grrl.
2. Rock my practicum. I'm right in the midst of it and doing well so far. I just want to get more comfortable and confident in my abilities this month!
3. Continue figuring out how to be a blogger and employed person. It's harder than I thought!

Things I am looking forward to this month..
*Going to Chicago for my brother's boot camp graduation. Haven't seen him since before Christmas!
*Having a happy, relaxed Valentine's Day and cooking at home with Charlie. :)
*My dad's birthday!
*Snow??? Please!! Screw spring until I get a snow day!

What things are you striving for/looking forward to this month? It's a leap year so we totally get an extra day to do ALL THE THINGS!


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  1. Haha! Love that image :D "nothing personal".... Best of luck in February, dear!

  2. Good luck with all these goals!
    Chicago!! How exciting. I have always wanted to go there, Im super jealous.

  3. You'll LOVE Chicago! Best city in the world...although I could be a little biased. ;)

  4. You'll LOVE Chicago! Best city in the world...although I could be a little biased. ;)


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