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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

eleven things

So I've been tagged by Lisa of Lala Faux Bois to do the "11 things" jam. Never one to turn down a good meme, here are my 11 things and all that goes with it!

There are five rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you’ve tagged them.

  Why? Because. :)

11 Random Things

1. I broke my pointer finger in 6th grade from running in the schoolyard (I can practically hear the "I told you so's" from every teacher ever) and because of where I broke it, I had a cast almost up to my elbow. To make it better, they wrapped my pointer and middle fingers together for support when they casted it so I had a permanent gun hand for months. I'll have to post a photo sometime. ;)

2. Bats are my favorite animal. My dream pet is a flying fox.

3. Spinach is the only vegetable that I don't like. With an exception for spinach dip. Love that, probably because of all the bad stuff in it.

 4. The sound of things dragging on carpet is my nails on a chalkboard. No one understands it and everyone likes to test me when I ask them to stop dragging their feet or something by doing it again. It makes my blood curdle, it's that annoying. It also makes me want to punch.

5. My first ever sewing project was a puppet of The Great Goblin from The Hobbit. In seventh grade we split into groups and made puppet shows for different chapters. My chapter had the scene where the goblin gets his head chopped off. So my goblin has a velcro-attached head for easy removal. :) Once again, I should post a photo of this one day.

6. I've never been to Disney World. You would not believe the faces I get when I say this. Unless you're making one now. ;)

7. Mine and Charlie's one year anniversary was on 7/7/07 which everyone everywhere kept saying was going to be such a lucky day. (Remember that?) We went out to dinner that night and just happened to choose a restaurant on the bay whose foundation collapsed just as we were waiting for the check to come. Because of the mad dash to evacuate, we got our seafood dinner for free! Luck comes in strange and scary packages.

8. I have four guinea pigs. We got two girls the summer before my senior year and by September, one of them (surprise!) had given birth to two wee little piggies. Baby piggies are the cutest thing. They look like tiny kangaroos because their feet are so big!

9. I really want to take swing dance lessons sometime soon.

10. I still want to get a tattoo someday. Not sure what or where but it will have to be someplace easily hidden due to my profession.

11. I'm a big time sleepwalker. I've woken up in different pajamas, I've eerily rearranged things in my room, and I sometimes wake up in different rooms altogether. The best is when people tell you the things you did on one of your rampages. It's like being black-out drunk without getting to attend the party.

Lisa's Questions

1. What was your favorite vacation?
Any vacation to the beach. Just give me hot sand, waves, and ice cream and I'm content!

2. What is your first childhood memory?
I have a brief memory of being in my walker. It's just like a view almost of looking up at the kitchen table from my low seat. But that's the first thing I remember that I know of.

3. Cats, Dogs, or both?
Both. I already know what kind of dog I want when I move out and what his name will be, but I would like to get a cat one day. They just fascinate me with their nonchalant-ness and their general independence and snobbery. :)

4. What was the first concert you ever went to?
Britney Spears. Ha!

5. What’s your favorite thing to cook/bake?
I like to cook and bake new things, so that's probably my favorite. I like eating new things and I also like trying to make the new recipes successfully. 

6. If you could time travel to any decade, what would you choose & why?
Tough. I'm torn between the 40's and the 20's. Or maybe even the Victorian era? That'd be a tough choice if I had to pick just one. But let's go with 40's then in that case, for the fashion, the music, the cars, and the dancing! I'm just fascinated by that time.

7. Describe your perfect day off.
It would start with getting up early. I have a crazy hard time with this part because it's so nice to sleep in, but I just enjoy the day more when I get up early. So after that I would want to get coffee and breakfast with Charlie, and then we'd spend the day walking/shopping/browsing through one of our favorite little towns. Then dinner outside because that's fun when the weather's nice. Then I'd finish it all off with ice cream!

8. What’s your dream job/career & what was it when you were a kid?
Absolute dream job is to own my own creative company.. some sort of designing, whether it's paper based, fabric, or other materials. When I was a kid I was pretty sure of what I wanted to do. I actually have two projects saved from when I was little and one says I wanted to be an artist and the other says teacher. Today I have my BA in graphic design and I'm going for my Master's in teaching. Following my 5 year old heart's desires yo.

9. What clothing item is your weakness & you can’t stop buying?
Sweaters and cardigans, without a doubt. Just thinking about it reminds me of all the colors and styles I still "need" to acquire.

10. What’s your favorite holiday?
Christmas, hands down. I actually go through a pretty intense withdraw all through January (and sometimes February) where I long for holiday foods, movies, music, and gatherings. Everything is so much prettier and more fun during the holidays! It usually takes a spell of warm weather for me to get over it. ;)

11. What’s your sign? :)

Here's my questions..
1. What food do you typically crave?
2. Do you have any superstitions? Things that are lucky or unlucky to you? Explain!
3. Would you be friends with high school you? Why or why not?
4. What was your first pet?
5. What's one TV show you'll never get tired of?
6. What has been your favorite age so far?
7. What's one product you couldn't (or at least wouldn't want to) live without?
8. What is your favorite summer beverage?
9. Now that summer's on the brain, what is your favorite warm weather activity?
10. Is there a recent trend you just can't/couldn't get on board with? What is it?
11. What's your idea of the perfect night? (Out or in!)

Hopefully these people haven't done it already, but I'll tag Kate, Cosmia, Lauryn, Kait, and Megan.

Anyone else can do this too! I just don't even know who hasn't done it at this point!

Hope you're having a great week!
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  1. Sleepwalking fascinates me! I have a friend who sleepwalks and her husband has the craziest stories of the stuff she does :) I love Christmas too and go through withdraws in January. I already feel nostalgic and it just passed! I'm glad you did this- they are so fun to read!

  2. You definitely need to post pictures of 1 and 5 ;). And wow, number 7 makes for a great story!!

  3. Yay thanks for tagging me!
    I love flying foxes too! And bats. And fennec foxes. Anything foxy! Sleepwalking must be crazy, I did it a few times when I was a kid and my family still tease me about it.

  4. Hi Jess! I just found your blog & have been enjoying reading your posts. The Christmas withdrawal- I totally know what you mean. I even saved some Candy Cane Hershey's Kisses so that I could make Christmas cookies in February (unfortunately my roommate devoured the bag before that could happen). And swing dancing! It sounds so fun, I've been dying to take lessons!



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