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Friday, March 9, 2012

homemade ice cream: chocolate swirl


I've been an ice cream fiend for as long as I can remember. Summer or winter, it doesn't make a difference. Ice cream is delicious anytime, anywhere. I've been dying to get the ice cream maker attachment for the KitchenAid mixer ever since I found out there was one. And it wasn't just the price tag that has kept me from getting one. You need to be able to dedicate a decent amount of space in your freezer to keep the bowl chilled, and space is one thing I really don't have at the moment. 

One lovely, amazing day, I came across a recipe for homemade ice cream that did not require any sort of ice cream maker! I bookmarked that one and a little while later, found another! The recipes have slightly different ingredients so I want to try both and see what the difference is. I started off with one from The Wannabe Country Girl, whose recipes never disappoint. And surprise, surprise.. neither did this one. 

I wanted to start with something fairly simple so I just used the base recipe and added chocolate syrup to make a chocolate swirl ice cream. 

Making it is super simple and it takes almost no time at all. The longest amount of time is waiting for it to set in the freezer. Thankfully, yesterday was such a beautiful day I got to escape the house and by the time I came back, the ice cream was ready and waiting. :)

Just be careful that you don't over mix! You want the cream to just hold its shape. You're not looking for stiff peaks like you do with whipped cream.

For the chocolate swirl, I just swirled some syrup around the sides of the container, poured about an inch or so of cream mixture, swirled a little syrup on top, and then kept alternating those layers. You can mix in anything you want to the basic recipe (cream + confectioner's sugar). Go crazy! I fully intend to get my mixology on and experiment with as many flavors as I can think of. I already have two in mind for next time!

I got quart + a pint of ice cream out of this. Won ton containers are pretty awesome (and free) for things like this. :)

Grab a spoon, dig in, and enjoy!

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I could always use more to add to my list of things to try!
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  1. I also made ice cream weeks ago, I love it
    but mine was with fresh mint.
    this looks great!

  2. That looks amazing! Thanks for sharing--I have been wanting to make some ice cream, but I don't have an ice cream maker. Now I feel empowered!

    1. Is not necessary, I made and the only thing you have to do remove the ice cream every half hour to destroy the pieces of ice,... more work but less expensive

  3. Yummy!! My favorite flavor of icecream is cookie dough or mint chocolate chip! Or anything with peanutbutter. Yum!
    xo Heather

  4. That look delicious. So do the graphics in this post :)

  5. Yum. I have an ice cream attachment for my Kitchen Aid but I've only used it once. I really need to change that! I tagged you in my 11 things post that's been going around. If you want to do it, that would be awesome, but don't feel like you have to! :)
    Have a good weekend Jess!

  6. oh my gosh, you are an angel for posting this deliciousness Jess! makes no diff to me if it's winter or scorching hot summer, i still have a craving for ice cream. what a terrific recipe and looks so good in the clear containers too!! now it's time to empty out the contents of our freezer ; )

    i foresee a frozen treat future now. happy weekend! ♥

  7. This looks so amazing! I really want some ice-cream now :) I will definitely try this when the weather gets warmer. You could try crumbling in some cookies for a cookies and cream flavour?

  8. Wow it turned out so good! Now you're making me want ice cream... definitely the best choice doing chocolate swirl

  9. These photos look amazing! I need to try this ... like right now, haha.

    Hope you're having a great week! ;)


  10. Ooooooh yes! I love a little chocolate swirl in my ice cream. I really need to get on this ice cream-making bandwagon. I have an ice cream maker that I have yet to touch!

  11. Wow, this looks intense and awesome! HAHA! I want to try this :) :)

  12. this looks fantastic...definitely trying it! Thanks for sharing!!


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