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Thursday, March 1, 2012

march already?

Is it just me or does it not seem possible that we're headed into the third month of 2012 already? I'm just finishing up midterms this week and spring break begins at about 8:00 tonight. I think it's flying by because I've been busier than ever lately with school, work, practicum, and studying for the Praxis which is two weekends from now. *cry*

February was pretty good though! I just went back this morning to read my welcome february post and see if I did all I wanted to do. From my list of three mini goals, I've started number one, which was to start stretching with the hopes of getting back to my original flexibility from when I was a dancer. That will be a continuous one for a while. As for number two, I'm doing really well in my practicum. One month down, one and a half to go! And number three was to figure out how to keep up with blogging while having a job, which I am still working hard at. I would like to have posted more last month, but I'm still learning ways to make it easier for myself, like scheduling posts for days I know I won't be home, and making a folder of "banked posts" so I always have a good back up if I can't do what I planned on doing one day.

So to set a few mini goals for March..
1. Keep on stretching! Also, start some sort of workout since my favorite yoga vid isn't On Demand anymore :(
2. Keep working on blogging more often! Ideally, I like to blog every weekday like I did when I first started.
3. Pass the Praxis
4. Make make make! I've been hoarding supplies and sketching away.. now is the time to make so I can open my shop for the Spring!

And I guess I should finally get over the fact that we had one day of snow this winter. It's time to start thinking about flowers, green leaves, and sunshine. :)

Oh! And please take a look at March's sponsors, sitting pretty in my sidebar. :) You'll see a bunch of brand new friends alongside some familiar faces. Click around and find some great new reads! I know I have!

So what are you looking forward to this month? Goals, plans, springtime in general? :)
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  1. Yeah, I have no idea where this year has gone! I blinked and now it's March!

    I need to write up my goals still... Not sure what they are, but I didn't do that well in February so maybe I should aim lower in March. lol

    1. Hahah that's why I make mini ones each month and keep the lofty goals yearly or more. Even putting #4 on that list scares me because I've said it so many times before and I haven't been able to do it yet! :S Here's hoping this month's different!


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