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Thursday, March 29, 2012

my lovely march sponsors

In all the craziness in this month full of praxis tests, practicum observations, and class in general, I completely forgot to ask for sponsor info in any timely fashion so I took a cue from some of my favorite blogs and decided to feature each sponsor by choosing one of their posts from this past month that I loved and wanted to share with you lovely readers. (Holy run-on Batman.) I've broken them into categories because that seemed like a good way to do it, so if you see something that strikes your fancy, give it a click and read on! You won't be disappointed. :)

+ There's a lovely post on Inflammatory Knit about her current knitting projects that makes me wish I was a little more talented with the needles!
+ Check out some beautiful watercolor and lettering projects over on Lovenotes by Lauryn. Two of my favorite things in one.
+ Megan at Megan Down the Rabbit Hole gushes about her love for microns which I totally understand. She also shows one of her incredible drawings in progress!

+ Sherry at Oh So Lovely shows a tutorial for prettying up one of those not-so-pretty necessities.. a trash bag canister! I'm sure you could use this for other plastic bags you want to reuse as well. 
+ Over on LDC Designs, Lindsay shows an amazing diy for a chevron chalkboard desk! Not only is it super cute, it's pretty practical too. You could leave someone a message without worrying about having a post-it handy!
+ Drew from Open Ended compiled some amazing diy projects that she has on her list for the spring. Really loving the inspiration board and magic decal diy's featured!

+ Charlene at A Toast to Wonderland shows off one of her many amazingly put together outfits, featuring a sweet polka-dot skirt and a colorful striped Coach laptop case.
+ Woodgrain and Gold's Candace collected inspiring outfits that mix and match bold patterns. There's some rooms in there too for those looking to mix up their interiors! Love it.
life + living
+ Allie from Kisses and Chaos gives smart (and humorous!) tips on how to deal with five things that really suck. Too good!
+ Kate over at Wake Up, Lovely talks about stepping away from technology and why she's feels that it's necessary. There's also some amazing and colorful photos of her taking out technology frustrations on an old laptop!
+ On The Lovely Hunter, Sofia talks about an issue I'm sure most bloggers have dealt with or are currently dealing with, and that's knowing when to stop writing about or seeking out awesome things, and actually start doing them instead. Definitely something to think about!
+ Over on Life is a Canvas, Caiti has been giving beautiful photographic tours of her and her husband's new temporary home- Ireland. Lucky! I chose the one of Dublin but you should check out the rest of the posts because she definitely showcases the beautiful country well.
+ Get to know Brittany from Brittany's Creative Threads with her "50 things you probably didn't know" post!

+ Erin from Eef Etcetera had one of her sponsors post an amazing drink recipe that includes - get this - thin mint cookies! I can't wait to try this one!
+ Over at Adventures of a Misfit Librarian, there's a recipe for Honey Cakes which sounds totally delicious. I bookmarked this one to try later!

So which method of sponsor spotlighting do you prefer, or are both fine? And I mean between this way or showing photos and bios of each sponsor. I think I almost prefer seeing these types because I feel more apt to click on a link that describes an interesting post, which may lead me to check out more of the blog. I'm not opposed to either, just wondering what you think! :)

Come back tomorrow for my featured sponsor, Sherry of Oh So Lovely's post! I love the answers she gave to the prompts! Definitely a good read. :)
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  1. I like this idea! Sometimes it's nice to see something different! I may do this in the future.

  2. I like this idea--and both ways are fine. I think this shows that you actually read our blogs, which is nice. =]

  3. I love this post! I like both ways of featuring your sponsors, but maybe this one even a bit more because it gives new readers a good place to start. I always look forward to these and hope someday I can get my act together and do a sponsor swap with you! :)


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