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Monday, April 30, 2012

april sponsor links

Check out what my sponsors have been up to in April!

+  Sherry at Oh So Lovely created an amazing list of soups that I can't wait to try. The pictures are making me so hungry! Soups are something I haven't really gotten too adventurous with cooking yet so I'm excited to try these.

fashion + beauty
+  Cosmia at Inflammatory Knit shows off her pretty pink birthday outfit. She also talks about something I totally understand.. the trouble with finding the best red hair dye color and then actually seeing it in stores more than once! 

+  Over on The Chevron Rose, Jaydinn did an outfit post with a basic gray top and some beautiful pops of color and pattern.

+  Lindsay at ldc designs put together a cute mood board for a colorful outfit, including cotton candy pink hair! I love the scarf especially.. it's like a Pantone guide for your neck. ;)

+  A fun nail tutorial from Izzy at A Jar of Feathers for painting a chevron design on your nails.

+  Cait from Sailing to Nowhere collected some gorgeous outfit inspiration photos. Just looking at all the layers makes me feel so comfy!

+  Nicole from KnitNicoleKnit created this beautiful airy scarf for her shop. The lightness of the stitches and the sunny color make it a perfect accessory for this always-changing springy weather!

+ Loving these photos from Alli of Kisses and Chaos. She took some amazing shots from a road trip to Baton Rouge. 

+  Also love Aleksandra of Little Daily Miracles photos of Vienna. Such a gorgeous city. I'd love to visit someday.

+  Jadyn from Dutch. British. Love. is taking part in the Color My World challenge. She's added some pops of yellow to her home decor through this challenge. Click through to see week 3 and the other weeks, plus links to other blogs participating in the challenge. Looks like a great way to get brave with color!

+  I absolutely love these painted stones from Heather at A Hopeless Notebook - even if she doesn't think too highly of them - ;) It's such a simple project that could add a lot of interest to a garden or any other outdoor space - or indoor for that matter.

+  Candace at Woodgrain and Gold curated a stunning list of different clothing, accessories, tattoos and more that are all inspired by watercolors. Love it.

life + living
+  Kate at Wake Up Lovely wrote a letter to her 16 year old self that I just loved. I think it's nice to look back and realize how we felt at a certain point in life and see how we feel about it now. It might provide some nice perspective when we are going through tough times - knowing that this is something we will get through and our future selves will only be stronger from the experience.

+  Chloe from Lazy Explorers wrote a little reflection on why she blogs. It's nice to keep things in check sometimes and remember why we came here to begin with. :)

Anna from Olive Green Anna documented a road trip she took around Germany with her husband's band while they were on tour for their new album!

+  I had to list Megan's book recommendations over at megandowntherabbithole when I saw this post. You know me and my love for books! ;) Especially when there's some art books in the mix.

+  And last, but certainly not least, Sofia at The Lovely Hunter wrote about the secret to a balanced life. And I absolutely love her advice!

I hope you check out some posts from these talented ladies! Can you believe tomorrow is another new month already?! This is madness.
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