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Monday, April 2, 2012

welcome april

It's that time again to welcome a new month. I can't believe it's spring already! The beautiful tree in my backyard is starting to bud. Any day now it will be covered in the most amazing white flowers. I seriously want one of these trees wherever I live. It's covered in white every spring and turns the most vibrant reds and purples in the fall. I've always loved watching it's phases from my living room window.

This month I am looking forward to..
- This week! I'm on a second spring break technically. I haven't gone to a Catholic school since high school so I forgot what it was like to have a week off for Easter. I also find out my Praxis scores and have a phone call scheduled with a potential employer. Big week!
- Finishing up my practicum. It's been a great experience and I probably had the best lead teacher I could've asked for, especially considering some stories I've heard about other teachers being less than helpful. : / Even though I'll miss everyone, it's nice to know I'm one step closer to having my own class!
- Finishing my classes for the spring semester. I'll have a good couple weeks off until the oh so condensed summer semesters! After this summer, I will be done all of my classes. Breath..

Mini goals for the month..
- Last month I mentioned that my favorite yoga workout was taking off ondemand. Well, I went ahead and bought the series! It's by Yogaworks. I got the am/pm one that I had been doing, plus the ab one and the body slim one. I did the body slim last week and it kicked my butt! My goal is to start doing them all regularly in rotation.
- Stay on top of my last few assignments for my classes. I'm almost done!
- And just like last month, make make make!

What are you doing to make the most of this month? Hope it's starting off well! :)

p.s. Have you checked out the lovely ladies in my sidebar this month? Stop by and give them a hello!
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  1. The trees in my yard are blooming too! But just the ones around my home! Odd, but wonderful :]
    Do you know what kind of a tree you have? That sounds so beautiful!
    Hopefully the rest of your semester goes well! I am in the same boat, just trying to resist the urge to fall behind in my assignment. The beautiful weather is calling me ;] haha.

    1. It's a dogwood tree! I probably should have mentioned that. :) It really is beautiful as it goes through the seasons!


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