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Friday, May 18, 2012


I've been meaning to introduce you to some very important furry babies in my life, but being the perfectionist that I am, I was always going to take "better" photos. I took these just playing around once so they're occasionally out of focus or have a bit of motion blur. They get so curious when you bring something foreign into their world (like a camera) and never stop moving, smelling, running..

Anyway, the reason I finally organized these photos into a post is because one of our poor little babies, Walnut, is having some trouble. We ran around to a couple vets yesterday because, seemingly overnight, one of her eyes swelled up and got all infected. This could either be from a deeper problem or just be an infection. She got a few shots - which was terrible to witness :( - and some goopy stuff to put on her eye.

Now we just wait to see if the antibiotics work and what the next step will be. Sadly, if she needs surgery, we may not be able to afford it. And surgery for guinea pig is really risky to begin with because of how tiny they are. So we're really praying that she'll rally and any further care she'll need will be affordable.  For now though, she's totally happy, eating, and acting normal. Besides her eye, you wouldn't think anything was wrong.

So today I wanted to honor my favorite little furries and ask for some prayers and positive thoughts for our little Walnut.

That's Walnut! She was actually quite the surprise piggy. We didn't know when we got her that she was pregnant. So we added two more little piggies to our family a few months after bringing her home. :) If you've never seen a baby guinea pig, you're missing out. I mean like weeks old baby. I swear, they are just little heads with giant kangaroo feet. I die.

 Thirsty Walnut.

This is Suzi. She's the first pig we got, a little bit before Walnut. And she won't let anyone forget it. She's half old lady, half puppy. She hates being touched unless you pick her up and hold her. Then she'll practically roll over like a puppy and let you pet her. She can be a pretty big grump though and is definitely the alpha lady.

Suzi is trying to determine if the camera is something she can eat. After realizing it's not, she's over it.

Here's my little Pete! He is one of Walnut's babies, and since we couldn't have him staying with the girls and impregnating them all, I took him to college with me and we were best friends. It was my first time living alone and he was good company. Now he resides right next to the girls and purrs at them when they walk up to his cage.

Checking out what the girls are doing next door.

And finally, Peach, Walnut's other baby. This photo pretty much sums up Peach. Always looking over her shoulder, a little dodgey eyed. She hasn't gotten the idea yet that we don't want to eat her. However, she has the best butt-shake when you give her scratches. She loves her butt scratches.

Suzi photobomb.

I'm glad I finally got it together and showed you my babies. They all have such personalities and are big sweethearts. Even the grump. ;)

What furballs do you hold near and dear?
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  1. Oh no! I'm thinking good thoughts for Walnut. I remember when my cat, Pogo, scratched his eye and it was all goopy and leaky and swollen, it absolutely terrified me -- I'm really good at finding the worst possible outcome and dwelling on that. I lost a lot of sleep that week (and a lot of money to the vet).

    I hope she gets well soon!

    Kayla ☆

    1. It's definitely the worst, especially because they can't tell you how they're feeling. I hope Pogo is all healed up now. Thanks for the well wishes! :)

  2. I'm sorry to read Walnut is unwell! Here's hoping the antibiotics kick in and work a treat for her :) I've had numerous experiences when my fur babies have been unwell, ranging from scratches to tumours. You name it, I've probably had to deal with it at some point over the past 4 years.
    My nearest and dearest fur babies are my (now) 8 rats and 3 degus! You are right when you say they each have individual personalities! I had many a grump in my bunch too ;)
    My rats and degu's often feature on my blog; I celebrate their 'Monthday's'! :)

  3. They're all so cute! I love guinea pigs. We adopted two from a family whose daughters were allergic. A few months after that, we got one, unexpectedly, from the humane society. We went in to look at some puppies that had just come in, and poor Oreo was sitting in a cage on the floor in a hallway, because the rodent room was full. We asked how much to adopt her, and they said since there wasn't room for her, we could just pay a deposit on the carrier to bring her home, and we would get it back when we returned it. She lived with us happily for a couple years before passing away.
    I hope Walnut feels better!
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  4. I just found your site from a guest post you did recently & this post hooked me. I used to have a guinea pig crew (later found out they were why I had constant allergy problems - so to new homes they went). I miss them all the time & so does my dog Skylar (who thought they were her babies & would bathe/snuggle them regularly.

    Don't you just love all the personality in such tiny furbabies?! You have such a beautiful fur family! Hope that Walnut gets better quickly. Sending lots of fur love her way. xo

  5. Awww, I love guinea piggles! I have three: Martha, Gertrude and Chad. Chad, like Pete, doesn't get to hang out with the ladies. He likes to chat to them though! I really hope Walnut is ok, I've had guinea pigs my whole life so I know what it's like having a sick piggle.

  6. These guys are so cute!! I have a huge one called moey and a tiny baby one called biscuit :) Have a lovely day!!

    PS I'm hosting a Geodora jewellery giveaway on my blog at the moment, you're welcome to enter...


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