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Friday, June 8, 2012

yarn juice

This is not spaghetti.

Even though that's what everyone who walked into the kitchen thought. I have some free time before I have to start my next project for class so I thought I'd tick some things off my crafty to-do list. One being kool-aid yarn dying! You may remember this post.

I can't wait to try other colors. I just have to unravel a few more skeins first. For my first project, I'm creating a color palette of the general kitchen decor to make a woven yarn rug. This flavor color is mango. As you can see the water is pretty much clear and all the color is absorbed into the yarn. Fun!

In the shot above you get a good idea of the original color vs. the kool-aid color. I need to pick up a few more packs now that I have a project in mind. I just grabbed these at random at the market one day so I'd have something to start with.

What projects are you tackling these days?

Have a great weekend!!
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  1. That's amazing! I wish we had Koolaid in Ireland. Does the colour stay in the yarn well?

    1. This is my first time doing it so I'll let you know! But from what I've read on other sites, you can wash it and the color still stays bright so I'm hoping for the best. :)

  2. So excited to have found you on BBN! I'm always looking for new Philadelphia bloggers!

    xo bhrett

  3. I want to try dying yarn SO badly. I have so so so much yarn that I just can't justify buying more right now :(
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!

  4. What a fun project! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with it! :)


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