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Hi! I'm Jess, the girl behind Tenpenny Splendid. I'm 24, a graphic designer, and a grad student living in sunny Philadelphia. I'm also a foodie in training, a crafter, an artist, an entrepreneur, and a girlfriend to the best guy in the world. My boyfriend, Charlie, is a photographer and taught me everything I know about photography. We have been dating for over 5 years and are still going strong! :) I love meeting new people in this little blog world of ours so don't be shy, drop me a comment so we can get to know each other!

Sometime during college I became fed up with easy mac and cup o' noodles and decided to get over my fear of the stove. First I mastered ground beef a la Hamburger Helper and I've worked my way all the way up to medium rare fillet mignon. I also love baking but I've been doing that since I was too small to see over the table. My mom taught me everything I know. I love food and I love eating so I'm constantly digging through Foodgawker for my next recipe to try. I have a dream of belonging to a CSA one day and being forced to try crazy new things based on what shows up in my box. I also dream of a Kitchenaid mixer, a center island, ample counter space, a fridge with french doors, and double ovens. I will pretty much pick my dream home based solely on the kitchen. ;)   

I learned how to knit in high school for charity (it's what you do in an all girl Catholic school) and in college I taught myself how to crochet. Crochet is now my preferred method of creating stitches. I just find it more versatile and agreeable. And I mean, whose sick joke was it to create a stick for grabbing at yarn when you could use a hook? Anyway, I have a lovely Singer sewing machine that I am trying to get accustomed to in hopes of making some accessories, interior items, and maybe even some clothes for myself one day. I like to try new things and use different materials all the time. Click on the scissors in the sidebar to see some things I've done!

I have a BFA in graphic design so I'm basically a typography nerd, clip-art/word-art hater, and typeface snob. I'm ruined by what I know and can't look at an email, ad, menu, website, poster, brochure, mailer, without being extremely judgmental and giving it a full on critique. Yes, being a graphic designer makes you kind of a jerk. ;) To keep me sane during my design courses, I took all of my electives in every printmaking class I could get my hands on. It was messy, kept you standing for hours, and each piece had a unique quality that you would never get from a printer. Exactly the opposite of my design classes. I still love the feel of cotton rag paper and the smell of ink relaxes me. Right now I have a slew of screen printing equipment and am trying to figure out the best way to start a home studio. My dream is to one day own a letterpress. I also love painting. Watercolor, acrylic, ink, I love it all!

I've always known that I wanted to have my own little shop where I could sell the things I made just as a fun side business. Unless it grew into something bigger, of course. ;) I ran into some snags, mostly of the financial variety, which have kept me in permanent vacation mode for a while but with some fresh supplies and determination, my little shop should be open soon. Keep checking back for updates! I also will be starting a "shop my closet" store to help fund my Etsy store and recycle some of the better pieces of my wardrobe. One day, maybe soon, I want Tenpenny Splendid to be a brand of interior decorations, accessories, and paper goods. Lofty goals, maybe, but what's the point otherwise?

I do not claim to be an authority on anything. I share what I know and what I've done for the sole purpose of offering help and inspiration to others. All opinions, words, photos, images, art, and designs are mine unless otherwise stated. Feel free to use any of my photos or images but please link back to me and give credit. If you see something of yours on this site that needs a credit fix or you want taken down, just pass on a friendly email and I will gladly oblige. Also, please don't copy whole posts or tutorials because then there's no reason for anyone to visit the source. Thanks in advance for your respect and awesomeness! :) 

Here's some links to personal stories or weird quirks I have to help you get to know me even better! Maybe even better than you ever wanted to. ;)

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Thanks for reading!

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